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Christian Formation Ministries

Adult Confirmation Program
BAPTIZED CATHOLICS 18 and older who have not yet celebrated their Confirmation (also may include those who have not made their First Communion) can receive the Sacrament of Confirmation during Pentecost in May. In order to start the process, please contact the Religious Education office to set up a time to meet with our Director of Religious Education at 368-8976. The meeting will review your formation to date, access your needs, and explain the steps required to receive the Sacrament. Adult Confirmation is celebrated yearly on or close to Pentecost Sunday at St. Margaret of Scotland (English Mass) or Holy Cross (Hispanic Mass).

Adult Faith Formation
This committee plans opportunities for growth and enrichment for our parish adults. Our events are designed to be responsive to the Bishop’s document, “Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us”, and to address the needs identified in our recent parish survey. We meet once a month. We are a sub-committee of the Christian Formation Committee. Anyone college age or older is welcome to serve on this committee.

Christian Formation Committee
The Christian Formation Committee is one of the five standing committees of the Pastoral Council. This committee, advisory to the Director of Religious Education (DRE) and the Coordinator of Youth Ministry (CYM), is responsible for recommending and supporting the direction of our parish catechetical programs for children, youth and adults. The CFC engages in self-study on a regular basis as part of the diocesan accreditation process, establishing ongoing goals for excellence and effectiveness. CFC meets at least 6 times a year and should have membership representative of those served by our programs.

Religious Education Preschool to Grade 9
We offer weekly classes for preschool (4 year olds) through Grade 9. Pre-k and Kindergarten meet Sunday mornings; 1st through 8th meet Mondays and Tuesdays evenings, and 9th grade meet Monday evenings as well September through April. Trained catechists teach from a planned curriculum for each grade level. Registration begins in May each year. Call 368-8976 for information. To be a catechist or a classroom assistant, contact our parish Director of Religious Education.

Sacramental Preparation — Eucharist and Reconciliation
The preparation of children for these sacraments is done IN ADDITION to the regular religious education classes. Parents take a primary role in preparation, in union with the parish. Children must be in religious education classes at least one full year PRECEDING the entrance into a sacramental preparation program. Reconciliation prep takes place during the months of October-January in Grade 2 or older. Eucharist prep takes place during the months of February-May in Grade 2 or older. First Communion is celebrated on the first Saturday in May. Call 368-8976 for information. To serve on this team, speak with the Director of Religious Education.

Special Sacraments/Child
This two-year track is for children "of catechetical age" (usually at least 7 years old and up) who wish to receive their sacraments after the 2nd grade timeframe. These classes are designed for children never baptized or for children who were baptized in another Christian tradition. The first year, students will receive the Sacrament of Baptism with the families while becoming acclimated with their peers in the age-appropriate RE program. The second year students will receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist with their peers at the First Reconciliation celebration in January and First Eucharist celebration in May (Sunday). Please contact the RE office to register for this program at 368.8976.

Teen Confirmation Program
A confirmation candidate, minimally, must be presently enrolled in their second consecutive year in a Catholic school (9th grade or older) or Religious Education program. The program typically runs for a 10-month period. Currently formation is January-November and the sacrament is celebrated in the autumn. The basic choice to ask for Confirmation lies with the candidate in dialogue with his/her parents and Coordinator of Youth Ministry. Registrations are located online to all registered, eligible candidates of Holy Family. Please call 368-8976 for information.

Vacation Bible School
This energetic week takes place at the end of June and is open for children who are 3 years old through those entering Grade 5 in the fall. Registration takes place during the month of May.

Young Adult Ministry
Catholic Bishops of the United States have defined young adults as anyone between the ages of 21 and 39. In the document Sons and Daughters of the Light, the American Bishops outline a plan for young adult ministry to serve as a guide for parishes and dioceses as they develop this important ministry. The Diocese of Wilmington’s plan is based on this document. The Diocese of Wilmington web site (www.cdow.org) has a special section for Young Adults, complete with the calendar of events.

Youth Ministry Program
This program is open to ALL students in grades 5-12. All activities involving Youth Ministry are also listed on the website and in the church bulletin. Call 368-8976 for more information. JOIN US!